Management Plan




Socioeconomic Management Plan - PMS  

By means of Resolution 640 of 2021, the National Environmental Licensing Authority (ANLA) modified the first article of Resolution 970 of May 20, 2010, issued by the Ministry of Environment, and determined that the community of Boqueron should not be resettled, given that this population center does not belong to any category or classification of contamination source area.

Instead, it ordered Prodeco and the other companies of the Cesar mining corridor (Drummond LTD. and C.I. COLOMBIAN NATURAL RESOURCES I S.A. (today Colombian Natural Resources SAS Under Reorganization), CNR III LTD (today CNR III Sucursal Colombia Under Reorganization), to formulate and implement a Socioeconomic Management Plan (PMS) for this community, located in the municipality of La Jagua de Ibirico, Cesar. 

By means of Resolution No. 664 of March 29, 2022, the ANLA approved the PMS presented by the mining companies, leaving Prodeco in charge of the following obligations grouped in seven tasks:


  1. Intervention and expansion of the Child Development Center (CDI)
  2. Improvement of the Health Center
  3. Construction of Central Park
  4. Construction of Sports Center
  5. Improvement of Police Inspectorate
  6. Rural and urban productive development program
  7. Gender and domestic violence prevention program.


Works for the community


Prodeco delivered the designs of all civil works for the improvement of the Child Development Center, the health center and the police inspection; and for the construction of the central park and the sports center.
The designs were approved by the community and the National Agency of Environmental Licenses (ANLA), and the companies that will be in charge of the civil works were selected.


Preventing gender and domestic violence, a collective commitment


Boquerón has a human team prepared and ready to identify possible situations of abuse and domestic and gender violence, and help the community to access support routes in case they are victims or witnesses of some type of violence.

The group is called AFABLE and is made up of young people and parents from the community of Boquerón. The group completed a training plan that included different awareness activities that were supported by the mayor's office of La Jagua de Ibirico.


Opportunities for productive entrepreneurship

We carried out a socioeconomic study of Boquerón with which it was possible to identify three productive lines in the agroindustrial, manufacturing and services, and commerce sectors. Based on these lines we can later identify potential business ideas to develop.

The SOCYA operator will be in charge of accompanying the community in the development of this program.