Our Code of Conduct

Our Code reflects our Purpose and what is important to us. 
It provides guidance and sets expectations so we are all working in a safe, responsible and ethical way that aligns with our Values.

Our safe, responsible and ethical culture is core to who we are and what is expected of us is outlined in the four key chapters of our Code.

Being safe and responsible

We’re all responsible for the impact we have on other people, society and 
the environment.

Operating safely and responsibly is the only way we can achieve our goals, and gain and maintain the trust of our communities and other stakeholders.

Acting with integrity

We act with integrity in everything we do. 

No matter where we’re located or what our role is at Glencore, we act honestly, 
transparently and respectfully.  

Protecting our business

Our physical assets and information are critical to our success.

We use and protect the physical assets and information entrusted to us responsibly and carefully to preserve the value of our business.

Valuing our people

Our people are fundamental to our success.

We treat each other fairly and with respect. A diverse workforce strengthens 
our culture and our business.  

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Never keep concerns to yourself.

Raise them with your manager, supervisor or via other available reporting channels. We take your concerns seriously and handle them promptly.

Reporting your concerns allows us to address them proactively, preventing further misconductand limiting negative financial, reputational and other impacts. 


How can you raise your concern?

Raise your concern at an office or industrial asset 

We encourage you to first discuss your concern with your manager or supervisor.

They are usually best equipped to resolve concerns quickly and effectively. You can also raise your concern via a local reporting channel or with Whistleblowing Contacts at your office or industrial asset who’ve been nominated to receive concerns.

Raise your concern via the Glencore Raising Concerns Programme


If you’re unable or uncomfortable using local channels, you may contact the Raising Concerns Programme reporting channels.

Our Raising Concerns Programme offers anonymous reporting channels for all Glencore employees, business partners and other stakeholders.

The programme enables the reporting of conduct that is potentially not in line with our Code, policies or the law. The Raising Concerns Programme is a corporate programme, and allows you to report your concerns in various languages in a secure manner.

Zero tolerance for retaliation


We have zero tolerance for retaliation against anyone who raises concerns about conduct they believe doesn’t comply with our Code, policies, or the law, even if the concern isn’t substantiated.

As long as you don’t knowingly make a false report, you can speak openly without fear of dismissal, discrimination, harassment, intimidation or of any other adverse impact.


Other channels 






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