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Puerto Nuevo

Puerto Nuevo


Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Nuevo S.A. (PNSA) is the concessionaire of the Puerto Nuevo port facility, located in the municipality of Ciénaga, Department of Magdalena, pursuant to the concession agreement signed on 31 March 2011 between PNSA and INCO (currently the National Infrastructure Agency – ANI).

Puerto Nuevo is a public-service port for the handling and export of coal with an effective loading capacity of 32 million tonnes and an available capacity of 28.5 million tonnes.

It uses a direct loading system to load the coal onto ships, minimizing transfer points by transporting it directly from the stockpiling yard to cargo holds on covered conveyor belts. It is allowed to load vessels from 20,000 to 207,000 dead weight tonnes (DWT). 


For further information visit  www.puertonuevo.com.co