Prodeco Foundation

Prodeco Foundation


Prodeco Foundation is a non-profit entity whose objective is to promote social benefit projects for the communities located in the municipalities and departments in the area of influence of the Prodeco Group companies, contributing to their socioeconomic and sustainable development. 


Our area of influence in Cesar and Magdalena includes the following territorial units:


  • Becerril, including the township of Estados Unidos.
  • El Paso, including the La Loma district and the El Hatillo village.
  • La Jagua de Ibirico, including the La Victoria de San Isidro and Boquerón townships.



  • Municipality of Ciénaga, including the Cordobita district, the Jolonura village and the Playitas sector.
  • Santa Marta (Don Jaca neighborhood).


Our purpose is to establish lasting relationships with our neighbors and sow initiatives for their social progress.

We identify and address their concerns and needs and from them we develop activities and programs to improve their quality of life, prioritizing initiatives that strengthen quality education, productivity, strengthening their capacities and the sustainable development of the territories.

We work to contribute to generating social development and well-being, articulating actions between the public, private and community sectors as a mechanism to guarantee the expansion of care coverage and maximization of the impact of our actions.



Communication channels

Mobile: +57 322 2684432