Social performance

Social performance


We aim to avoid harm to people from our activities, respect human rights, contribute to social and economic development of affected people and society more widely, and establish and maintain trusting relationships with stakeholders, through ethical and responsible business practices.



University Scholarship Plan 

Our objective is to facilitate access to quality higher education for young people residing in the communities of our area of influence in Cesar and Magdalena.  
The Prodeco Scholarships finance 100% of the tuition and provide living allowance to students during the entire degree program. 


Watch Kelly and Samuel's stories

Kelly Salazar and Samir Rincón come from La Jagua de Ibirico, Cesar. They obtained their professional degrees in Psychology and Mechanical Engineering; respectively. Both received the 'Excellence Scholarship' that Prodeco grants to outstanding high school graduates.


Arts and Trades

In partnership with the public educational institution, SENA, we are implementing a comprehensive training program which seeks the generation of capacities for rural productive inclusion of our host communities by means of two paths: 


  1. Rural Entrepreneurship: generation and strengthening of enterprises with a focus on self-consumption and rural businesses. 
  2. Employability in Rural Occupations: training in operational technical skills in rural sector activities.


Environmental Education Programs


We contribute to a process of environmental education that allows people to explore environmental issues, engage in problem solving, and take action to improve the environment. As a result, communities develop the skills to make informed and responsible decisions. 

  • School Environmental Projects (PRAE)

PRAE are implemented in educational institutions of our area of influence in Cesar and Magdalena. 

The program engages students and teachers to strengthen an environmental culture in which everyone encourages resource efficiency and promotes good environmental practices.  Participants receive training and accompaniment during the implementation of the program. 


  • Citizen Environmental Education Projects (PROCEDA)

PROCEDA is an initiative developed by groups of citizens whose objective is to promote good environmental practices in their communities.

Through this program, different ventures have been created through which goods and services are offered to the community from recycled inputs or environmentally friendly activities. 


Our objective is that the communities generate income through the creation of productive projects to improve the quality of life of the communities in our area of influence.


Center for Entrepreneurship and Employability - CEMPRENDE  


The promotion of entrepreneurship has been one of the pillars of the Prodeco Group's economic diversification strategy for its neighboring municipalities of La Jagua de Ibirico, El Paso and Becerril, in Cesar; and Ciénaga in Magdalena.

Through the CEMPRENDE entrepreneurship center, a social program that has been operating since 2016, Prodeco Group provides its communities with an opportunity to strengthen productive sectors other than mining, through an offer of technical and professional support so that users can develop its maximum productive potential.

Special support for former employees

With the support of CEMPRENDE, Prodeco Group created a special program for former employees to accompany them during their occupational transition period, either by starting a business or by preparation for the search for new job opportunities.

Watch the stories!
César is the owner of the LINER MOTOS store, which sells mechanical spare parts for motorcycles and offers repair services.  Álvaro is the owner of SHARP, a business dedicated to printing and photocopying services and the sale and maintenance of those devices.


Fish Farming Projects  

Three fish farming projects were created in the municipalities of El Paso, La Jagua de Ibirico and Becerril, to promote the productive transformation of the region and generate income for artisanal fishermen, through the production and marketing of red tilapia. 

Three associations that bring together artisanal fishermen and their families are the leaders of these projects: ASOPRAPS, in the municipality of El Paso; APETOSCA, in La Jagua de Ibirico; and ASOPAAB, in the municipality of Becerril.

Installation of solar panels

Grupo Prodeco installed solar panels in the fish farming projects. With this investment, the projects will consume less conventional energy thanks to photovoltaic energy, which in addition to being clean, contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions.

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With the ASOPROPASO (El Paso), ASOJAGUAIB (La Jagua) and ASOBEMPRE (Becerril) associations, we created a productive project based on the livestock activity and a complementary component consisting of the development of a corn crop and a cost grass crop as a protein bank for the livestock activity. The projects will receive specialized technical assistance during their implementation.