Shared Value always

The Prodeco Group has established four pillars of intervention to comply with the social and environmental commitments in the transition and closure phase, and thus give continuity to the projects aimed at the social and sustainable transformation of the territories in the face of post-mining. 

1. Income generation: economic reconversion and entrepreneurship projects.

2. Institutional strengthening: ensuring the participation of local government and communities. 

3. Environmental sustainability: continuity of forest rehabilitation and compensation projects.

4. Human rights: compliance with commitments in the post-mining resettlement and sustainable social transition process. 


In relation to our social commitments it is important to highlight that since 2015 we initiated a process with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to identify economic alternatives for the region in order to avoid dependence on mining and support economic reconversion and diversification process for the territory. 

As a result of this work, carried out with the participation of communities and local authorities, we identified a series of high economic impact projects, mainly agro-industrial and tourism projects that will allow the social and economic transition required for the end of mining in the department. 

We have initiated several of these projects involving cashew, cocoa, coffee and fish farming and will continue to support them until they are consolidated. We believe in the great potential of the Cesar department and we are sure that in the coming years these initiatives that we have been supporting for so long will begin to show the economic, social and economic results that we are sure they will generate.  

In relation to our environmental commitments in the transition process for the closure of its mining operations, the Prodeco Group will continue with the rehabilitation processes of areas whose exploitation has ended and will carry out the required activities so that the exploitation of the productive fronts can continue under the terms defined by the ANM.