Shared Value always

Our approach to sustainability

We recognise that the best way to develop our operations sustainably is to align our corporate standards and strategies with leading international practice and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This allows us to take responsibility for our people and for the environment and contribute to the sustainable development of our host regions. We seek to work with our stakeholders to create shared value and integrate our work with that of the local region in all our sustainability programmes.

Our sustainability policies are designed to:

  • Maximise the shared value created by our operations, especially the socioeconomic benefits. Our aim is to contribute to reducing poverty rates and supporting sustainable development for our host communities.

  • Minimise the impact of our operations on the environment and on our people and our host communities. This involves strict compliance with our environmental and community engagement management plans and other applicable regulations, and focusing on human rights and gender equity in all our operations and community development work.

  • Avoid dependence on our operations once mining has ceased. To this end we work with the state, local communities and other allies from the private sector, academia, civil society and international organisations to plan and construct an appropriate socioeconomic transition into a future without mining.

  • Support consolidation of Paz Territorial* and promote respect for human rights. We actively participate in dialogue and agreement mechanisms as we recognise that they are the best way to resolve conflicts, generate trust and achieve harmonious coexistence in our host regions.

*A note on Paz Territorial

“Paz Territorial” is a concept developed by the Colombian government, encompassing the need for decentralised government and direct participation by citizens to enable the construction of a stable and lasting peace. The name reflects the need for management and organisation in the various regions or “territories” of Colombia to achieve decent, peaceful lives for citizens in the rural areas most affected by the conflict. Rather than enforcing top-down imposition of policies, Paz Territorial conveys that the state will work with local authorities, municipal authorities, community action commipees and other regional leaders to take a territory-centred approach.

Our principles

The three main principles that guide our relationship with society focus on maintaining a robust, transparent relationship based on mutual trust, to ensure mutual growth:

  • Understanding the risks and opportunities our operations create for society by identifying our stakeholders and their concerns and creating an ongoing dialogue with them
  • Managing the impact of our operations to preserve local livelihoods
  • Investigating how our activities benefit our host communities and developing community development strategies that involve the whole Prodeco Group