Grupo Prodeco

The Prodeco Group


The Prodeco Group consists of C.I Prodeco S.A. (Prodeco), Carbones de la Jagua S.A. (CDJ), Consorcio Minero Unido S.A. (CMU), Carbones El Tesoro S.A. (CET) and Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Nuevo S.A. (PNSA), which are wholly owned subsidiaries of Glencore.  

Until September 2021, Prodeco, CDJ, CMU and CET operated the Calenturitas and La Jagua mines located in the municipalities of La Jagua de Ibirico and Becerril in the department of Cesar.  Explore Termination of our mining operation section


The Prodeco Group (through Prodeco, CDJ and CMU) has a 39.7% share in the concession of Ferrocarriles del Norte de Colombia - Fenoco, for coal transportation by train from the department of Cesar to Magdalena.

PNSA operates the Puerto Nuevo public service concession, granted by the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI, for the Spanish original), located in Ciénaga, Magdalena, to serve users requiring port infrastructure for the export of coal.  

For further information about the port, visit Puerto Nuevo website



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