Income Generation

Diversifying and strengthening alternative income in our communities

We support entrepreneurism among our host communities to generate income, increase employability and create diversification of income. This contributes to regional sustainability and avoids dependence on the mining sector.

Employment and entrepreneurism centres

Working in partnership with local government and other private companies, we have created local centres to support alternative employment and entrepreneurism, called C-Emprende in Cesar, and Ci-Emprende in Ciénaga, Magdalena. Our main objective is to help reduce local economic dependence on mining, and support the development of other trades, such as the agro-industrial sector. We create projects that allow members of our local communities to generate income through agricultural production.
These centres also offer socio-entrepreneurial development programmes to help local people develop the abilities and knowledge to optimise their businesses.
We also contribute to local income generation in sectors such as fish farming, goods and services (artisanal bakery, handicravs, etc.) and tourism. This way, we give the local community the opportunity to build alternative livelihoods, based on their local resources, to reduce their dependence on the mining industry.

Encouraging new local production

This programme helps local people to form production associations, providing support from a specialist to advise on in business and psychosocial management. The objective is to improve their administrative, technical, production and commercial processes, and familiarise them with the economic dynamics of their region and the country.

Improving and developing local rural producers

We developed this programme in partnership with Corporación Vital and Compass Group, the companies that provide catering for our mines. This provides business for local producers in Becerril, La Jagua de Ibirico, and El Paso, with contracts to supply food for our cafeterias.

An award-winning initiative

In 2018, our development programme for local rural producers took second place in the BriWsh-Colombian Chamber of Commerce Lazos Awards of the in Best Stakeholder Management Programme category.