Income Generation

Diversifying and strengthening alternative income in our communities

Employment and entrepreneurism centres


The Center for Entrepreneurship and Employability (Cemprende) is a social responsibility program that was created in 2015 to promote productivity in the inhabitants of the area of influence of the mining operations, through the development of productive initiatives in fields other than mining.

Cemprende is considered the axis of the productive reconversion of the territory, by empowering the communities with skills specific to their region and the potential of the territory through the generation of income, increased employability and diversification of trades in the population. 

The Prodeco Foundation, in partnership with the Valledupar Chamber of Commerce and the mayors' offices of the municipalities of La Jagua de Ibirico, El Paso and Becerril, has been leading Cemprende since 2015, which has served more than 6,000 people, contributed to the generation of more than 1,200 jobs and supported the formulation of 350 business ideas, of which more than 260 have been financed.

Strengthening of the Fishing Sector 

This program seeks to improve the economic activity of fishermen and their families that belong to the area of maritime influence in Ciénaga, through the National Strategy of the Fishing Node.  There are 33 fishermen's associations that participate in two federations located in Ciénaga: Fedecienaga, Mar Caribe, Associations in Don Jaca and in the Airport Sector.