Contributing to the future

Our programs

Educational quality programme in Cesar

We run this programme in partnership with the Colombian Ministry of Education and COMFACESAR (the Cesar Family Compensation Fund); it combines technical and financial support for the improvement of education quality, through a training project for teachers, students, parents, and the administrtive officials at educational institutions.

Improving academic ability

We run this programme in partnership with the National University of Colombia. Our objective is to contribute to the academic training of young high school graduates from Becerril, La Jagua de Ibirico and El Paso. We want to improve their prospects of continuing their academic training and improve their chances of access to higher education.

Environmental education

Through our School Environmental Education (PRAES) and Community Education (PROCEDAS) projects, we contribute to raising awareness of best environmental practices and sustainable use of local natural resources within our host communities.

Adult literacy

We help adults (aged 18 years and over) who have not finished school, including older adults from the most vulnerable communities. The objective is to reduce illiteracy, strengthen basic educational skills and improve living conditions in our local communities.

Alternative crafts and trades

This programme supports our host communities, with a focus on women and those who have suffered from armed conflict. The objective is to help them make a living from sources other than mining.

University scholarships

This programme began in 2007; we offer outstanding students financial access to higher education. These students are from the most vulnerable areas of our host communities in Cesar and Magdalena (classified as socioeconomic levels 1 and 2).