Contributing to the future

Our programs

University scholarships

With this program, which began in 2007 and ends in 2024, we offer outstanding students who live in socioeconomic level 1 and 2 areas of our neighboring communities in Cesar and Magdalena, the opportunity to pursue higher education in the career of their choice.  The university scholarship includes the cost of tuition, plus a semester allowance for books and study materials, uniforms, transportation and housing. 


Training in Arts and Crafts


This program promotes the development of labor skills to strengthen sectors other than mining, especially those related to the rural sector. 

The selection of training courses takes into account the interests prioritized by the municipal administrations in relation to the strengthening of one or more economic sectors.  Through the SER - SENA Emprende Rural strategy, aimed at generating and consolidating entrepreneurs with a focus on self-consumption and rural businesses and employability in rural occupations, specialized training is provided in operational technical skills in rural sector activities.


Environmental education


Through our School Environmental Education (PRAE) we contribute to raising awareness of best environmental practices and sustainable use of local natural resources within our host communities.

The purpose of the School Environmental Projects (PRAE by its acronym in Spanish), is to promote the analysis and understanding of local, regional and national environmental problems and opportunities, and to generate spaces for participation to implement solutions in accordance with natural and socio-cultural dynamics.  Fourteen educational institutions in the area of influence participate in this program and more than 290 teachers have been trained as program facilitators.

In turn, the Environmental Education Citizen Projects (Proceda by their acronym in Spanish) are community initiatives developed by organized groups of citizens, with the purpose of contributing to the solution of specific problems of the national, regional and local reality in a given context and time.

In 2020, the training and green business formulation phase began with the Proceda groups as a response to the need to make the groups' actions sustainable, based on the creation of basic enterprises. There are eight Proceda groups with more than 40 members.