Institutional Strengthening

Leading communities

Institutional Strengthening  


In 2022, we started a series of workshops for public officials from the municipalities of La Jagua de Ibirico, El Paso, Becerril and Cienaga, on structuring international cooperation projects.  

The objective was to provide methodological support tools for public entities interested in managing international technical or financial cooperation.  The workshops addressed the elements of project formulation and management, including the Logical Framework Methodology, which is the most widely used by international cooperation organizations and agencies.  


Community Strengthening


The Positive Leaders program for the training of presidents of Community Action Boards, strategic leaders and citizen overseers, continues to be strengthened as a space for the development of skills for the creation of community projects and initiatives, conflict resolution, and knowledge about economic regimes, public budget management, and coordination of community strategic plans with the development plans of the territorial entities.  

The training activities took place in the last quarter of the year, after the elections of the new Community Action Boards, to ensure the participation of the new presidents.