Social Management

Promoting development

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Why this is important

We have created a community development strategy to help manage our operational impact and create shared value for all. We focus on regional sustainability and the sustainable use of resources, encouraging the participation and empowerment of local communities and municipal and regional levels of government. We also prioritise maximising the impact of our initiatives by making sure that they reach and are relevant to the right people. In this way, we can ensure that we contribute to poverty reduction in the region and to the consolidation of Paz Territorial.

Our community development programmes focus on host regions, mainly in rural communities with inhabitants who have suffered from the region’s history of conflict.

  • Improving educational quality
  • Providing access to opportunities
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  • Capacity building
  • Encouraging individuals to think about their future
  • Raising awareness of the need for efficient use of public funds

  • Entrepreneurism
  • Employability