Land Rehabilitation

A responsible mining initiative

We aim to restore any land disturbed by our mining operation to its original condition, improving these areas in a sustainable manner.

Our rehabilitation process focuses on a progressive restoration of the original biological characteristics and ecosystem services that were found in the soil and plant cover. Our objective is that once our mining activity is over, the land can be used for the protection and conservation of the region’s biodiversity, with mature forests and protected wildlife conservation areas.

The rehabilitation process

1. Before mining

Clearing forest land and relocating wildlife

2. Topsoil removal

Deforestation, removing and preserving topsoil

3. Coal mining

Removing overburden and extracting coal

4. Land treatment

Land reconfiguration and new soil formation

5. Soil stabilisation

Protection and development of new soil structure

6. Revegetation and reforestation

Biological diversification

7. Post-mining

Mature forests, protected areas for conservation