Water Management

A vital resource for all

We focus our efforts towards the compliance of the following objectives: 

  • We assure the care of the conditions of availability and quality of the resource in the water sources we use for catchment and discharges.
  • We maintain continuous controls of discharges and wastewater.
  • We make efficient use of the resource in our facilities. 
  • We implement the management and control plan for runoff water in our operations.
  • We join efforts with other organizations and social actors in the region for the conservation and protection of water basins.
  • We develop activities in conjunction with the authorities and neighboring communities for proper water governance of the region's basins.

Where does the water we use in our operations come from?

We have infrastructure in place to control surface runoff, implementing efficient systems for pumping and conveying water collected in dumps and pits, thus ensuring that at least 90% of the water used in our processes comes from rainwater harvesting and recirculated or reused water. In this way, we reduce water collection from surface and underground sources for our operations.