Air quality

One of our environmental commitments

We are aware of the impact our operations can have on the air quality in the surrounding region. We have identified all the activities that caused dust emissions, to work on continuous improvement and implement the appropriate dust management controls for each process.

Some measures:

  • Predictive dust dispersion modelling to anticipate concentration changes and establish emission levels.
  • Establishing road emission levels and evaluating the efficiency of our dust suppressant irrigation trials.
  • Speed limits on our internal transit roads.
  • The development and implementation of an integrated air quality monitoring system for continuous monitoring of our dust emissions and real-time early warning systems to minimise impact.

We extend our air quality management activities to the population centres near our operations, to prevent or minimise local dust emission levels. The key activities are:

  • Paving key stretches of the roads we use to transport coal
  • Sweeping roads in local population centres
  • Planting trees to form natural barriers in our coal handling facilities