Offsetting Programs

Conserving and restoring ecosystems

We are aware of the environmental impacts that may be generated in the development of our activities, which is why we focus our efforts on identifying and characterizing them in order to establish the appropriate measures that, according to the mitigation hierarchy and in a sequential manner, allow us to prevent their occurrence, minimize their effects, restore the damage caused, and finally, compensate the residual impacts.

Our approach


It is oriented in a preventive way to minimize the environmental liabilities of our operation, by means of articulated actions that allow us to avoid as much as possible the occurrence of significant affectations on the environmental components, and to compensate as a last measure the residual impacts of this process.

We promote the active participation of the communities in our area of influence, through conservation agreements that encourage the implementation of sustainable productive projects and the adequate use of natural resources, which allows us to ensure the maintenance and permanent monitoring of the compensated areas, as well as the community appropriation of the natural environment and the consolidation of territorial peace.