Getting to know it in order to care for it

Our approach

Our management approach is based on the commitments made in the EMP for each asset. These EMPs include measures intended to prevent or mitigating our impact on the components of biodiversity, and promote the conservation of the flora and fauna endemic to our host regions.

Biosensor areas for the conservation and protection of fauna


Through biodiversity monitoring, species with high ecological potential, native and typical of the tropical dry forest, have been recorded. More than 625 species of birds, 165 species of reptiles and nearly 126 species of mammals have been identified, highlighting the presence of the Tigrillo, a threatened species in the country.

The presence of this group of species demonstrates the good state of conservation and rehabilitation of these areas.

As a responsible action, Grupo Prodeco's entry into the Colombian Biodiversity Information System (SIB) stands out, whose objective is to provide data for the generation of knowledge in favor of the conservation of national biodiversity, especially in the departments of Cesar and Magdalena. More than 3,700 species have been recorded.


Rescue and relocation of fauna


We monitor the places where our operations are located to identify and rescue the wildlife species that are found, as well as relocate them within the biosensor areas that have been identified for their conservation and protection. In these, we carry out monitoring and control measures that allow us to verify their survival and adaptation to the new ecosystem.

Biodiversity monitoring 


We evaluate and characterize the species of fauna and flora present within the natural areas in each of our operations, with the objective of verifying the current state of biodiversity and natural resources to define conservation strategies, as well as analyze the composition, richness and abundance of species present in the territory.