Environmental Management

Our commitment to caring for the planet

Like almost all human activities, our operations can have an impact on the environment. We take full responsibility for managing this impact. We work to prevent, mitigate, and correct or compensate any negative impact, to maintain the region’s natural resources and protect our local communities. We comply with the latest regulations and all additional requirements and commitments outlined in our environmental management plans (EMPs).

Why this is important

We are commiped to supporting the sustainable development of our host regions and communities. This includes operating responsibly and without harming the environment.
Our goal is to preserve the long-term viability of the natural environment around our operations, by conserving and protecting natural resources. To this end we develop proactive initiatives and partnerships to support and promote sustainable development in our host regions.
We demonstrate our commitment to protecting the air, water, soil and biodiversity in our local ecosystems in everything we do.

How we manage it

We have developed an integrated environmental management model with two complementary approaches:

Responsible mining

Based on strict compliance with our EMPs, to prevent or mitigate any environmental impact and ensure the efficient use of natural resources.

Agents of sustainable development

Based on an integrated approach to community development that enables coordination between civil institutions and regional leadership for the development of programmes that will best support sustainable development in our host regions.

How we evaluate it

Our environmental management system allows us to continuously monitor our performance on critical environmental management issues: