State services reach the community thanks to alliance Grupo Prodeco - Social Prosperity


Framed in the celebration of the first two years of the Alliance for the Social, signed between Grupo Prodeco and State agency Social Prosperity, a service fair was held on November 23 to bring various entities to offer their social programs  to the local population of the municipalities of La Jagua de Ibirico, El Paso and Becerril, in Cesar.

The event took place at the Benito Ramos Trespalacios Educational Institution located in the village La Loma, in El Paso, and was chaired by Pilar Zabala, corporate Head of Communities of Prodeco; Catalina Parra, deputy director for Poverty Overcoming of Social Prosperity; and Hidalfo de la Cruz, mayor of El Paso.

The fair is the result of the union of the public and private sector following an alliance signed in 2015 by Grupo Prodeco and Social Prosperity that articulates and implements actions for integral and sustainable attention to families in the municipalities of Cesar; especially for people in a situation of vulnerability, in order to contribute to the improvement of their living conditions and their social inclusion.

Within the agreement, Grupo Prodeco has funded for the improvement of educational quality, the strengthening of territorial entities and civil society, has granted direct scholarships or through Icetex for young people with limited resources to access higher education; and executes several environmental programs so that the population of the area can learn how to properly handle solid waste, be aware of their environmental footprint and become responsible for the consumption of resources. Additionally, Grupo Prodeco has led projects for the activation of the economic sector of the territory in activities other than mining.

The services fair convened important state entities such as Comfacesar, Valledupar Chamber of Commerce, National Savings Fund, National Employment Agency, Ministry of Labor, Land Restitution Unit, Seine, Colpensiones, ICBF, among others.


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