The Prodeco Group and the Government of Cesar Signed Agreement for the Department’s Sustainable Development

  1. The public-private partnership will focus on several lines of work: education, agriculture, environment, mining, risk management, entrepreneurship and institutional strengthening.
  2. It will last for three years, and will include –among others– the municipalities of the mining corridor, where the Prodeco Group operates.

Barranquilla, July 2017. On Wednesday, July 12, in Valledupar, the Prodeco Group and the Government of Cesar signed an agreement for the strengthening and joint participation of the residents of La Jagua de Ibirico, Becerril and El Paso in educational, environmental, agricultural, mining and entrepreneurship projects, among others. This partnership is developed thanks to the diligent work of both entities over the last few years, which today has opened up a scenario with multiple opportunities for improvement for these municipalities.

The signing ceremony was held at 11:00 a.m. in the advisory hall of the Government of Cesar. Mark McManus, CEO of the Prodeco Group, and Francisco Ovalle, governor of Cesar, were in charge of sealing the 3-year partnership agreement.

Regarding the education focus, the partnership is committed to the improvement of education quality in Cesar, adult literacy, rural education, high school leveling, psychosocial support and flexible educational models for children. These activities ­–some of which have already been developed– are endorsed by the Ministry of National Education, and have the support of the Department Secretary of Education and the National University, among other actors.

For the agriculture, environment and entrepreneurship initiatives, the signatories, together with the residents of the beneficiary municipalities, will execute fish farming, rural development and apiculture projects, coffee and cocoa production chains, environmental education programs and an ambitious agritourism program that will boost tourism in Cienaga de Zapatosa and Serrania del Perija, taking advantage of the cultural, historical and natural resources of the region, in order to transform this area of Cesar into an ecological tourism hub. 

Finally, for the mining and institutional strengthening lines, work will be carried out on research projects, as well as on the promotion of mining resources, entrepreneurship projects supported by Cemprende and seed capital; in addition to strengthening local institutional capacities within the context of each municipality’s development plan, with the support and advice of the UNDP.


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