We work with the governments, the local authorities, the representatives of the communities, the inter - governmental and non - governmental organizations, as well as with other stakeholders to gestate and support the community development projects. These projects and other donations are developed and decided according to our policies and guidelines in all the operations.


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We are committed with the prevention, minimization, mitigation and compensation of the environmental impacts typical of the large – scale mining activity. That is why our commitment and effort are aimed to the preservation of the natural resources and to the restoration of the habitats that in one way or another have been intervened by our activities.



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Our actions are focused on supporting and respecting the human rights according to the Human rights’ Universal Declaration; likewise, we defend the dignity, the fundamental freedoms and the human rights of our employees, contractors, communities in which we operate and persons affected by our activities; that is why we endure that the awareness regarding human rights’ issues is incorporated into our internal risk assessment processes.

Likewise, we have the goal to adjust our relationship activities in the extractive operations to the principles of free, prior and informed consent for original peoples, as approved by the International Council on Mining and Metals, ICMM.  In addition, we promote the respect for and the compliance with our norms and focus on human rights in the relationships with our contractors, suppliers and joint companies



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