PDPC and the Prodeco Group, allied in peace projects in Cesar 


On the 3rd of  May at the Sicarare Hotel of Valledupar the official launching of the Cesar’s Development and Peace Program – PDPC was held; this is an important initiative of the civil society that seeks to strengthen and improve the opportunities and participation of the communities in the dynamics that the peace process is generating, in particular in the communities that have been victims of violence, exclusion and marginalization, in a new post – conflict scenario that today the National Government has brought to the consideration of the Colombian people.

The Prodeco GROUP entered into a four – year alliance with the PDPC to boost the development of sustainable projects that can contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the mining municipalities of Cesar, under the scope of Peace and Human Rights, Democratic Governance, Integral and Sustainable Development, Education and Culture.

The fruits of such alliance will include the project for the Strengthening of  Capacities in Civil - Society Organizations and official entities of the department pf Cesar, which includes the training of 60 leaders and public servants from El Paso, Becerril, La Jagua de Ibirico, Curumaní, Chimichagua and Astrea, through a diploma course that will include six sub regional meetings, three days each, as well as the training of social communicators and journalists of the region, so they can inform and communicate about the construction of territorial peace. 

“For the sustainability to work we have to integrate three parties: the community, the government and the private enterprise. Nothing is achieved if some sectors are strengthened and other ones are not. If we do not achieve this, we do not have the impact desired”, said Nicolás Gómez, Sustainability Manager of the Prodeco Group, at the same time that he talked about a second forestry compensation project in the Perijá Range. “The idea is that the community takes part to look after the forest, that the community takes part through agro – forestry projects that are crops that grow in the shade, such as coffee, cacao, avocado”, he added.

The allies of this project, which has a huge impact in the region, include the Social Department, the Ministry for Post – Conflict, Safety and Human Rights, Ecopetrol, Delegation of the European Union, Popular University of Cesar, among other.

What is the PDPC?

Cesar’s Development and Peace Program is an initiative of the civil society that proposes the construction of the new and improved social, political, economic, cultural, territorial and environmental realities that we deserve in the department of Cesar, through the strengthening of the relationships between the civil society, the local departmental and national institutions and the private sector, with the support of the International Cooperation.  The work proposed within the framework seeks to generate dynamics and liaisons that led to the re – significance of life, the human dignity, the integral development and the respect for nature.

El PDPC is made up by the Diocese of Valledupar, the University of Santander, the Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina, the Chamber of Commerce of Valledupar, Carboandes S.A. and Servipan S.A.

The allies:

  • European Union Delegation
  • Department for the Social –Prosperity  DPS
  • German Technical Cooperation Agency– GIZ
  • Interconexión Eléctrica ISA S.A. E.S.P
  • Ecopetrol
  • Lutheran World Relief
  • Redprodepaz
  • Red Agenda Caribe
  • Malteser Internacional
  • ONF Andina
  • Ministry of the Post - conflict, Safety and Human Rights
  • Universidad del Área Andina
  • Universidad Popular del Cesar
  • Abiudea


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