A Trust Pact for community development

The community associations "El Renacer de La Victoria" and "La Union del Campo", with the support of Grupo Prodeco and the Program for Development and Peace of Cesar -PDPC, developed a Local Strategic Plan: La Victoria de San Isidro 2017–2032, and committed to work towards improving their relations with the signing of a Trust Pact for the development, coexistence and peace. 

For Prodeco, the welfare of the communities and the construction of territorial peace is a priority. For this reason, we decided to participate in this process that seeks to strengthen the civil society by providing resources and coordinating this initiative, to support La Victoria become a resilient post-conflict community.

Since 2016, Prodeco, in partnership with the PDPC, has supported this community in a process of strengthening organizational and business capacities and promoting citizen participation and the sustainable development of this village. Prodeco provides funding, while the advice and strengthening activities are carried out by the PDPC.

The Trust Pact which is the result of more than 2 years of hard work, establishes peaceful work and dialogue as the pillars of development for La Victoria de San Isidro, a community that is very important for Prodeco and in which we have been working very closely.

This pact is an unprecedented event in the history of this territory that has been impacted by violence and that only some years ago has started to see its population returning voluntarily after suffering displacement. A section of the document states that it “is an agreement between persons, community, associations, public institutions and business enterprises, to comply with the commitments assumed around the rights and duties of the participants. These agreements must involve all the activities that are assumed, either of training, formation, production and marketing”.

About the Local Strategic Plan: La Victoria de San Isidro 2017 – 2032

This Plan is the result of the work done within the framework of the project called Generation of Socio - businesses and Community Organizations for the Integral and Sustainable Development of La Victoria de San Isidro . The purpose of this project was to raise the level of organizational, social and business awareness of the inhabitants of La Victoria de San Isidro, through the strengthening of its community organizations and organizational networks as mechanisms to promote the participation of the citizens and the local development. The methodology utilized was the Experimental Socio - business Organization Laboratory – LEOS.

To launch this pact, an event was held on Wednesday April 4, in the main square of La Victoria, that was attended by Francisco Ovalle, Governor of Cesar; Yacerly Rangel, Mayor of La Jagua de Ibirico; Juan Francisco Rojas, Mayor of Becerril; Mark McManus, President of Grupo Prodeco; Amaury Padilla, Director of the PDPC; and Paula Gaviria, Human Rights Adviser of the Presidency of the Republic; as well as representatives of community associations, among other guests.

During his speech, Amaury Padilla, director of the PDPC, highlighted that the work the community of La Victoria has been doing is very special because it is based on the identification of the communities own needs. In this regard, he added that it is vital that "this effort that has been made to overcome violence and work in community for local development does not stay in what is written, but must transcend to the daily life of the population.”

"I would like to highlight the importance of creating these institutions. The social capital they are strengthening is very important for the leadership they are committed to develop," said Paula Gaviria, Human Rights Adviser of the Presidency.

Gaviria added that "today more than ever we need companies that leave a positive footprint" and highlighted the effort of the community of La Victoria to make a diagnosis of their needs and the construction of solutions.

The political leaders of Cesar also offered their words during this symbolic act.
Yarcely Rangel, mayor of La Jagua de Ibirico, thanked the collaboration of all participating institutions in the creation of the Development Plan of La Victoria, a town that was hit hard by the country’s armed conflict in the past. At the same time, she highlighted the commitment of the Grupo Prodeco with the progress of this initiative to create associations that offer different income alternatives to the mining industry.

While the governor of Cesar, Francisco Ovalle, stressed that the pact is the result of work that combines the will of government and private sector to join efforts in the generation of development for the region.

Finally, Julio Ospino, legal representative of the association “El Renacer de La Victoria”, spoke about the region's wealth and agricultural potential, and expressed his gratitude to the organizations attending the event for their support in signing the pact "for the development and welfare of this community", with the hope that “within a very short time the two organizations can become competitive companies".

The event ended with the granting of seed capital, through the C-Emprende program supported by Prodeco, to 13 business initiatives of La Victoria, such as beauty salons, restaurants, juice bars, and chicken hatcheries. The program included a performance of the “Voces de la Esperanza” choir, operated by Batuta National Foundation with the sponsorship of Grupo Prodeco.



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