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Grupo-Prodeco-acompañó-a-la-comunidad-de-Estados-Unidos-en-acto-de-conmemoración-de-sus-víctimas.jpgGrupo Prodeco accompanied the Estados Unidos community in a ceremony honoring its victims

October 1, 2018. In a ceremony carried out on September 30 in the main square of the Estados Unidos village, in the municipality of Becerril, the community presented an homage for the victims of the armed conflict in this community of Cesar, as a sign of their process of building their historical memory.

Grupo-Prodeco-entrega-becas-para-educación-superiorI.jpgGrupo Prodeco awards scholarships for higher education at Universidad del Norte

July 16, 2018. Four students from the municipalities of La Jagua de Ibirico, Becerril and El Paso, in Cesar; and Ciénaga, in Magdalena, will start their professional careers at Universidad del Norte, thanks to the scholarships awarded by Grupo Prodeco, which reward the excellent academic performance of students from low-income families and contribute to elevate their educational level and their possibilities for the future.

Premio-CCS_.jpgProdeco Group recognized for excellence in safety

June 14, 2018.
For the fourth consecutive year, the Prodeco Group received the Emerald Cross Merit Medal. This is a distinction granted by the Colombian Safety Council – CCS (for its Spanish acronym) to country’s companies that stand-out because they maintain high standards of safety and health at work sites.