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Una-gran-alianza-a-favor-del-medioambiente_.jpgA great partnership for the environment

The Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cesar (Corpocesar) and the Prodeco Group signed a cooperation agreement for the conservation of biodiversity in the Cesar mining corridor, the support of the environmental compensation programs, the care and protection of air and water quality, and the joint design of the closing plan of the mining operations, which involves early territorial planning for a future without mining.



The Prodeco Group and the Government of Cesar Signed Agreement for the Department’s Sustainable Development

Barranquilla, July 2017. On Wednesday, July 12, in Valledupar, the Prodeco Group and the Government of Cesar signed an agreement for the strengthening and joint participation of the residents of La Jagua de Ibirico, Becerril and El Paso in educational, environmental, agricultural, mining and entrepreneurship projects, among others. This partnership is developed thanks to the diligent work of both entities over the last few years, which today has opened up a scenario with multiple opportunities for improvement for these municipalities.


Prodeco Group signs agreement to promote tourism in Cesar

For the purpose of promoting spaces that improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the marshy complex of La Zapatosa and Serranía del Perijá in Cesar, Grupo Prodeco signed an agreement with the Local Economic Development Agency of the Marshy Complex of La Zapatosa, Magdalena River and Momposina Depression, ADEL Zapatosa, which will allow the creation of an offer of tourist products to generate income in the area and its promotion with respect to the other regions of the country.