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Premio-CCS_.jpgProdeco Group recognized for excellence in safety

June 14, 2018.
For the fourth consecutive year, the Prodeco Group received the Emerald Cross Merit Medal. This is a distinction granted by the Colombian Safety Council – CCS (for its Spanish acronym) to country’s companies that stand-out because they maintain high standards of safety and health at work sites.

Prodeco’s-‘Alianza-por-lo-Social'-received-recognition-from-President-Juan-Manuel-Santos.jpgProdeco’s ‘Alianza por lo Social' received recognition from President Juan Manuel Santos

June 8, 2018. President Santos will recognize Grupo Prodeco for the results achieved during the three years that the 'Alianza por lo Social para el Cesar Medio y Ciénaga' program, signed with Social Prosperity, that seeks to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the communities in the area of ​​influence of Prodeco’s mining and port operations.

Grupo-Prodeco-ratifica-su-compromiso-con-la-protección-y-respeto-de-los-derechos-humanos-en-el-Cesar.jpgThe Prodeco Group ratifies its commitment with the protection and respect of human rights in el Cesar

Together with representatives of the National and Regional Government, the private companies and of the civil society, Prodeco Group participated in the signing of the Joint Declaration of Rejection of threats to the life and integrity of persons, reaffirming its commitment with the promotion and respect of human rights in the Cesar Department.